A lot of reasons has being considered on why people are no longer interested in education, especially in Nigeria.

Having read and done a lot of things about education in Nigeria.

I got to know that going to school might actually be a waste if you don’t practice hand work while schooling.

I will be discussing five reasons why education is actually a waste of time in Nigeria if you don’t learn hand work while going through it.

1. Youth service is nothing to write home about.

When I was young, I have always have this idea of going to service after my undergraduate session, just to practice what I have learnt in school, but recently I realized all students from different branch of science, art and commercial are sent to service to teach, even the engineers, only medical students are given the chance to practice fully what they studied in back then in their various universities , all this fall back to why student might end up not functioning well. How then do we intend to make education what it is meant to be?

2. Unlearned teachers.

Having gone through my primary, secondary and of course I’m in my tertiary education, I know so well that seventy percent of teacher who taught me were just good while the thirty percent were great, I mean they are highly intelligent. The society end up shifting blames on student, what about the teachers who are not being scrutinized before giving the job of passing knowledge to the students. There are so many teachers out there who just pass random knowledge to students and they are not being checked at the end of the semester, in the USA every lecturer is being checked on what ever knowledge he passes to the student during his teaching but what happen to Nigerian lecturers? Can’t they be scrutinized on what they teach too?

3. School is a boring place to

In Nigeria, school is the most boring place to be, check our the mall, the cinemas, the theaters, all these places are built with great , arranged and encouraging tools and equipments but schools are built anyhow, the government forgot or they are not aware that good environment encourages fast learning.
Unnecessary buildings are built with huge amount of money but schools are built and equipped with cheap resources, while hostels are built with unimaginable structures. Student residing in university hostel can bear witness to this.

4. Years we spent on courses are too long.

Schooling in Nigeria can be frustrating, I guess this is one of the major reasons seventy percent of people who schooled in Nigeria graduate with just a good result and the few ones who loves suffering and can face it squarely ends up with the very great result.
In Nigeria, courses meant to be studied for few years are studied for too way long years Eg. Those in the medical lane stay in their filed for about seven years, as a food scientist my course made it mandatory for me to be in it for five years while I can actually study all that is in it for three years.

The education system is so poor that at most of our first year in the University in Nigeria, we end up doing subject that are not part of our business. You can imagine as a food scientists I was made to offer a course that deals with sociology. Just imagine how long we spent lost of our time on meaningless teaching that can be avoided.

5. No Available job for what we are studying.

Imagine a country where billion of students go to school for a certificate they are not sure would earn them a living. Eg how many private bodies goes into farming, how many group of scientists goes into research? But year after year, people keep gaining admission into higher institution just to study a course that might end up not adding any cash to their account in the long run.
I’m a Nigerian and I believe in hard work but what the negative influence the society we are in place on us? I’m studying food science but I find myself writing articles daily, of course I love it, but my major profession isn’t a sure way to make the best juice out of life so I decided to make in with my talent.

Temi badmus


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