Things To Consider When Going For A Date.

Things To Consider When Going For A Date.

Actually the main topic is “Things You Shouldn’t Do When Going For A Date – While already Dating!”

Yes reader! I know there are so many articles on what to do and not to do on first date and so on but rarely we find for those already dating. Now this is where I come through.

Dating is as difficult or sweet as everything as marriage except the sacramental part of it but you are officially partners in love. What you both do in this relationship will determine if marriage is needed or breakup to try another person.

Now to the main topic, once agree to start dating a person, after your first date, the person becomes part of your responsibility, I a being realistic right now, except you are a joker and heartless joker at that. You both share feelings, so the care for each other – every other thing you do to each other, for each other and with each other must be well thought of. Date must be well b]planned, this time by you both and not just the guy. You don’t get to suggest anymore (selfishly) and the guy says “ok” and start paying bills. Much more consideration have to be taken henceforth. So, to cut it all short, here are things you need you should do, things you need to consider before going out for that sweet date of yours. This list can be expanded by you on the comment box below.

Keep to Time: I realise, during the first date 80 per cent of the ladies are always on time waiting for the guy but after that 95 per cent of the time the guy have to wait for at least 1hour in the living room taking juice while the lady fix her make up, so she can walk down the stair case and be praised by the guy wth the sentence “You look Ravishing”, and then she will smile, but already you have made him angry. See beauty does not remove anger, it only reduce it. Let the 6pm be 6pm., unless you want to get to the event venue 2hours early all the time or watch a football match 2hours before the main event (if booked).

Do not fix time limit: This happens to proud ladies and some silly men but more of we the ladies. If you don’t want to go don’t go, after-all he is already your boyfriend you can fix another, but if it has been fixed and he is truly your man, never you tell him time needed to round up on a date, that’s rude and terrible of you. Don’t forget the fun always start late and after a long heart-filled conversation.

Share your Progress and not Quarrel: The secret to every fantastic relationship you see (if there is anything like that) is the ability for both partners to listen and share the good and bad situations. Listening is a powerful tool. It earns you respect and most importantly make you a god or goddess. Did you know it is difficult sharing situation with another person? So try not to be a talkative but a good listener. And while conversing, if a quarrel comes up, both of you should be good and quick to wave it off!

Eat Smartly: The idea of picnic have spoiled dates. Picnic is all about eating and romance and play or more, date is actually more of the mind, less chewing, more talking and more holding of hands, more like touching of fingers though.

Dress Smartly and Accordingly: Please dress accordingly. This takes us back to my intro. Don’t dress to kill, its just both of you, unless you want to kill him. Lol! Ok! To be serious, all date does not happen in Virginis, Shoprite or Sweet Sensation, it could be at Uniilorin Dam, Salt “N” Pepper Gold Lounge, Ikogosi Warm Spring or even Takwa Bay, remember this is date for those already in a relationship, so is not a first date that 90per cent of the time have to be cozy with wine, chapman or sharwama and so on. So don’t dress to kill, wear leggings….

Do not Talk too much: Sweetheart only answer what you are asked, guys even the talkatives among them don’t talk too much during dates and they never forget how you talk and what you say and most especially they expect smart answers always. Only talk around what you have been asked, especially on a first date

Environment: Once your relationship is matured enough, it is important to know each other financial capabilities. Yes, you need to go out this week but your pockets are not ready but you really need to do this. All you need here is planning. Ignore the movies, look at the situation and choose environment with best pocket conditions – gardens, waterfront, football field, basketball court, Karate Championship, and what have you, for maximum comfort. I have even seen my friends take their bae on walk inside Shoprite, buying nothing and just taking plenty photos, they were all happy…strangely though but I believe you get the gist. Its all about happiness and maturity.

I am Uncle Fadaka Louis, join the conversation below.

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Temi Badmus
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