Having grown to this age, and of course still growing, I realised most young people out there have certain things they really want to know from people they trust. When it comes to their sexual life, most teenagers want to know a lot of things, mostly from people they trust, people they feel won’t mislead them. Though they get it wrong sometimes, but I believe some tips in this article can help if followed appropriately.

I will be writing about five things teenagers always wish to know about sex, once they approached puberty.

1. Who they should have sex with.

In countries like South African, Kenya, serial lone and the rest, having sex is not a problem for teenagers, most of the questions that occupies their mind is who they should have sex with. Mostly also, most of these teenagers in the countries I have mentioned do not really have to be in a relationship to have sex, they just have sex. So the first question is ” who should I have sex with? “. Few years ago, a teenager under my care while I was still a teenager asked me this and I said” if you need to have sex, be ready to have it with someone who won’t ask you to use protectives” and that means you ain’t afraid to have sex, so you are ready for any consequences that comes after the sex, and that my answer actually means, there is no need for sex if you ain’t ready for responsibilities, so stay responsible to yourself.

2. Where should I have sex.

A lot of teenagers has asked this question in the past and of course will continue to ask, I know a lot of people with religious mind will wonder why a teenager would even be asking why they need to have sex, well people want to practice things, especially things that they know grown up do, so if you need to help a teenager, the best answer is “Have sex in a place that should in case you are caught in the act, you ain’t ashamed, shocked, or you feel bad ” Couples do not feel bad for having sex in their house, it’s a matrimonial responsibilities.
Most people think it’s all teenagers who have sex around that are irresponsible, do you try to consider whether they never got the right advise? Well I do consider them as a victim under I have crucial evidence on while they do what they do.

3. When should I have sex?

I asked my grand mother when I was fifteen when should I have sex and she said ” when you are old enough to take full responsibility for your actions”. When the person has done everything right to be called a partner who has right over your privacy. Since then I knew, I was not permitted to have sex as a teenager except I get married at teenage age. A lot of teenagers are still asking this same questions all across the world, you can not imagine how many of them has missed their ways due to wrong answers gotten.
Supposing a teenager asks you right now when he or she should have sex, what would be your answer?

4. At what age should I have sex?

My teenage school intending daughter asked me this while I was in two hundred level. I call her intending school daughter because when I met her, I was not ready to have a school but she has all I wanted in a school daughter. I told her that day, you can’t have sex at sixteen, seventeen or even twenty one if you are not married. Sex is not by age, I told her how sex is meant to be between a man and a woman, not a lady and a girl, I refer to what happens between a lady and a guy as copulation ” Hey honey! I do love you, and I won’t want you to do anything there is not dignity in.
People wants to misbehave, especially teenager boys and girls, we the grown up give then the chance to at times.

5. What protective must I have not to get pregnant.

During my tenure as an ambassador to the milky way youth movement in Pakistan, I happened to listened, meet a lot of teenagers and also I find out that the most googled questions by teenagers was ” what kind of protective do I need not to get pregnant? ” I love all the teenagers under my care, whether boys or girls, I treated them equally, I ensured that I was close to a perfect example of a good adult even though I was just a teenager like themselves, and when I had to ask my older adult whom I trust so much, I had to ask because I had teenagers from South Africa under my care, I was scared of them making mistakes that would ruined their lives, after my mentor told me about the protective they could use then she said “if you are doing it right, you don’t need protective, doing it means you are lawfully married to who so ever you intend to have sex with , I’m not in support of teen sex.”
I told those teenagers under me the same and I could only pray they do it right.

I do not support teen sex, neither I’m against teens who have had sex one way or the way, I believe in a world where everyone does the right thing, because that is what is expected of us all.

Written by :
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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