The late hours of the previous year was an interesting one for me. One for my reader asked me how she can make other ladies stay away from her man, well the very truthful answer, is you can not do anything from keeping your man from being admired by other females, but you can handle how he responds to their admirations. A lot of relationships has gone into an abrupt end all in the name of someone hitting on your man, You gave the other women exactly what they wanted. They want you out of the way.

I will be discussing five ways to handle ladies hitting on your man.

1. Be Very modest with your man.

I have heard and read from different ladies, they say things like ” if he doesn’t call me, then I won’t call him” well I don’t know so much about being humble in relationships but I am certain that pride will not take you both anyway further than the same spot. Love your man generously, no man in his right senses will cheat on a woman that loves him truly. The interesting thing most women do not know about men is ” When he loves you, he can’t take decisions without you” you only need to find his soft spot and make use of it. Other ladies shouldn’t be your problem once you have your man’s soft spot.

2. Be exceptional with your career.

I know about a lot of women who are exceptional in what they do, their men stay glued with them, someone asked why? If you have a Gucci bag and you are the only one that has that type of Gucci bag in the world, would you handle it anyhow? Of course your answer is “No” only the foolish ones will say “Yes”. Let me be sincere with you, no man in his right sense want to loss a woman who is exceptionally good at what she does, he can fall victim of being a cheat at some times but he will surely come back to you. With that you will be sure that every other woman that might come into his life will be ninnety five percent your evil chance that he finds someone more exceptional than you at what you do.

3. Pray for him.

If you have not read my article on how to make your man faithful, you will need to read it, most ladies of nowadays do not even know how to pray, you will not be able to keep anyman who you can’t pray for, because he can fall a prey to anyone. As a real owner of your man, you should be able to stand in gap for him. For example, he should be confident that some issues happen that are beyond his control but he knows you will take it to God in prayers. Let me share with you some sensible advice here. Most of those other women hitting on your men are hitting on him because of how he treats you or what you have told them or other times what they have seen. None of them is ready to stay and fight his battle for him, and none of them will! No wise man will leave a woman who is ready to fight his battle for him for a woman who wants to pass time with him.

4. Understand that your man might get carried away.

Most problems that leads to breaking up with communication is that we communicates but we do not understand, we just want to talk and talk, we do not want to assimilate and men gets tired of this, so be that woman that understands. It makes things easier for him, he wants to come back and tell you ” Baby I cheated but I’m sorry ” if you ask most men why they can’t confess to their women when they cheated, seventy percent will tell you I don’t want problems, they want to tell you but they are scared that you will leave. You see the remaining thirty percent that thinks they can take care of it do not know the truth, which is they can not take care of it. You need to be so close to your boyfriend or husband that they tell you the truth should anything happens. It makes your relationship get stronger, the boundaries also get stronger and the other woman hitting on him won’t be something he falls for, because he will know he own you one.

5. You are better than anyone.

Once you are in a relationship with any guy, you need to know you are better than any other lady around him, he saw those other ladies before he decided it was you, even if he cheats, you need to know he is staying with you for something, this is where you really need to find out what your man is staying with you for, because the stronger you become at your place of strength, the more reason he sees in why he shouldn’t hurt you, he will come to know with time that you can leave any day if he doesn’t change.

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Temi Badmus.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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