Every relationship should the goal of it leading to something which is of enviable result, Most romantic relationship do not go or stay further for a long period of time due to some negligible reasons which can be forgo, for example, a normal lady should know she shouldn’t start a relationship with a smoker if she’s allergic to cigarettes, or probably she is not allergic but she can’t just stand the idea of being around a smoker. Some of these few issues can be solved easily, know what you want and go for it, but some are more complicated especially when it comes to religion.
I will be discussing five ways to handle the relationship when your man is of another faith, you should be grateful to God that he has a faith he believes in, don’t push him around or throw away what you got going.

1. Don’t try to convert them.

Let be frank here, A lot of Christan ladies out there are the main reason why they themselves never have a good or stable relationship. I was once like that too, I’m Christian; I believe strongly in God, I do the best thing I could and I want a good man… A man that is of my faith and has the same level of belief as I do or probably higher than mine . It didn’t work out that way but I learn through the one I love that you can make it work with one you wish to stay with. Don’t try to convert them to your belief, try make them see things you do, do it honourably then pray for them, let them know you are praying for them.

2. Discuss the difference in your faith.

To avoid unnecessary arguments, drama, or conflicts, you both should discuss the difference in your faith. A typical example is a lady from the Pentecostal church dating a Catholic guy, Catholic have their own way of praying, they do not see praise and worship sessions as moment to jump around, lift chairs, or the making of noise of triumph we the Pentecostal Christan often do. You need to discuss and understand the difference in your faiths, and with this you will have a relationship that is stress free.

3. Keep an open mind.

You are not Jesus sister! Let me be sincere with you here, most of Christian battles in relationships is won when you keep an open mind. A typical example is ” your fiancee or boyfriend comes to your church and he didn’t stand up when your pastor was about mount the pulpit” You feel he should have stood up, after all he saw everyone standing up to honour the man of God, why not ask him to know if he has a belief against it, don’t try to be Jesus ‘s fighter, you need to give him or her the chance to know their faith is important just as yours is important.

4. Discuss the important of your belief.

Most times Catholic Christians do not talk often while in session of prayers, most of them pray within their mind, you see them observing that meditation moment as a silent moment between them and God, while we the Pentecostal Christans believe that you need to speak the word! We believe in speaking the word! For example, the Bible says ” the word we speak is spirit carrying life! Which means you have to speak it, so if you should find yourself in a situation relating to that, the best you should do is explain to him or her about the importance of what you believe in.

5. Support them spiritually.

You need to support them spiritually by speaking to God on their behalf, I have seen a lot of relationships gotten destroyed because the guy or the lady feels their partner is not strong enough. Complaints will not change anyone from their faith, let me quickly say this ” People’s faith is one of the most crucial attributes of their life, you can’t change it in a day or thousand of days”. Only God can teach then the right way towards believing in him, your own duty is to be the vessel that will stand or interceed for their ultimate redemption.
Your job as a partner is making the best decisions and staying close to God and making prayers of intercession for your partners.

Written by :
Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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