Nowadays, graduating with first class in the university is more becoming harder for scholars due to some factors.

Before now, getting first class was believed to be a bit easier because there was conducive environment for learning; there was unnecessary struggle for wealth amassment and incessant industrial actions. At that time, learning was believed to be made simple for the students.

However, things have changed and most of the university scholars who are supposed graduate with first class ended up with either second class upper or lower.

These are the core reasons most Nigeria scholars find it difficult graduating with first class

1. National influence.

The present economic situation in of a country is a major factor that impedes most scholars from getting a first class. With the economy value of a country where unemployment is at its pick, many students see it as a waste struggling for a first class since a graduate with mostly end up working as a cleaner or a commercial driver while a non-graduate owns a big firm or has higher position than a graduate even in the same company. This is what most people call connection or ‘long-legs’ and it has destabilized the motive of young students.

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2. lack of determination.

Many students nowadays do not bother acquiring a first class even from the day they got admission, they had the mindset that graduating with first class does not translate to success. They believe that it would be better if they could concentrate on having second class upper or lower, rather than waste their time on first class which may not guarantee their immediate employment after their graduation. But they don’t know that having first class would give them edge over others whenever it comes to employment aspect.
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3. Early preparation.

A popular adage says: “As you lay your bed, so, you shall lie on it” .
Acquiring a first class is not a day job. It is an accumulation of outstanding results from the first semester to the last semester of your sojourn in the university. Before one has a first class, one’s journey to success would have begun from one’s verification of your results -jamb score to your post UTME, your 100 level result till your final year result. So, for those who take studies with levity for the first three years and decide to read all night in the last year, that belief will amount to a mirage or illusion.

4. School challenges.

It is not all about saying or making up your mind to graduate with a first class, it is all about following that dream till you graduate. We have a lot of students who have made up their mind to acquire this but their mindset would be changed once they gained admission into the university. Most of them do feel big and forget their dreams; some get distracted by clubbing and cultism.This is one of the greatest challenge students do have and to overcome this, all you need is much devotion to your studies and prayers.

5. School Management
However, all blames should not be put on the students alone. This is because most students try their best to have first class but corruption has also permeated to the academic institutions and many students who have one unresolved issue or the other with the lecturers might be dealt with while their final result are being compiled

To crown it all, one has to work harder for this both in studies and in prayer because a first class graduate has 100% chances of employment than any other graduate even in the same company.

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
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