5 celebrities with envious single parenting goals.

A lot of people feels single parenting isn’t a good thing. But single parenting is never a bad idea either.
I lost my dad at a very tender age, my mum did all the parenting goals and all; but here I am trying to make the world a better place for myself and people around me.
The single parent celebrities.

It is never about whether the child is been brought up By a single parent that will be the issue, rather the values embedded in the child is what determines who they become.

Ubi Franklin is one man I admire so much, I love his tenacity for hard work and his drive towards success.

But one interesting thing I love mainly about him is how he treats his kids as a single father, it is easier when the woman is around. Let consider the fact that he has two lovely kids, the way he loves and adore them makes a lot of people wish for single parenting.

Single parenting is not easy so I’m giving my both hands all up for Ubi.

2. Tiwa Savage.

A lot of people who are conversant with my article will know I’m a great fan of Tiwa, I do not only love her, I adore her! Her energy, strength, and achievements are things that has really been giving inspiration to a lot of young girls out there.

So you know about the teebliz issues, how that special boy Jamal came into being and how Tiwa has adored, and loves this little king of hers. It is so adorable to see how she commits all her energy to see that little boy happy and sound. This is good parenting that most parents can’t even afford, and don’t say it is because she’s rich! there are a lot of rich parents who can’t even care for their child properly.

3. Tonto Dike

I was not a fan of Tonto, and I’m still not convinced to be her fan but one important thing is I’m proud of the woman she has become after her marriage failed.

Sometimes in life, we need to fail at something to learn a lot of things.

The love she put into her son is worth admiring. I love the care and it’s adorable how becoming a single parent has altered her life positively.

4. Genevieve Nnaji

This is one woman I absolutely respect with all my strength! She is actually a wonder to many mothers.

Notwithstanding the fact that she has faced a lot of issues with life, she ensured her daughter’s life was outside the media. A lot of people do not know it’s not easy to raise a child alone. I am celebrating these celebrities because I understand what it feels like to be raised by a single parent, whether it is single mother or single father.

Genevieve has been one of the best single parent I know so far. Keeping her kid out of the media from while she was growing till now that she is fully grown.

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