5 Celebrities who might be struggling with self esteem issues.
We call them the self esteem celebrities.

While everyone might be looking up to some certain celebrities, we should have it in mind that these people are humans; they have flaws, fears and things they might not be able to talk about since it might be used against them later on if discussed publicly.

Nigeria isn’t a country where people place much value on self esteem, either low or high. We just live and move on! A lot of people are dying physiologically due to bad self esteem and we are hardly seeing it.

I will be discussing about five celebrities who are likely struggling with low self esteem and how their fans can help them boost their self esteem up.

Wait a minute, for some of us who do not know what self esteem is.

To set a high value on; to regard with respect or reverence.
To regard something as valuable; to prize.
To look upon something in a particular way.

So we can say self esteem is how a person sets their values in such a way that it affect what people think about them.

1. Lilian Esoro.

Self esteem celebrities
I love this woman and I used to follow her on instagram but I had to unfollow her lately, one thing I noticed is ” 90% of pictures she post is attached to words that says she’s trying to defend herself to someone “.
I mean this habit of trying to prove you are better off something. Well I really don’t know her but physiologically I can say that from her daily post, her instagram status, videos she post often.
All videos she posts, Dance ,pictures are often attached with words that says she’s trying to fight something.

Meanwhile, everybody is fighting something but when you are constantly at the verge of defending yourself against that particular thing, you might need to check the values you place on your self.

2. Moyo Lawal.

It is easier for me to say this about her because I have net her and the impression I got is exactly what I have being seeing online.

Most of her posts on Instagram or other social medias often speak about someone who is trying run away from something.

A lot of time I could notice the only thing she advertises is her back part, mostly especially I can say her post says a lot about her trying to pull herself into a world she doesn’t belong. She is leaving her world world.

3. Simisola Ogunleye.

There are a lot I find very uncomforting about this lady, except for the fact that I’m a great fan of her music.

But her personality is varying, it’s just like someone trying to impost another person’s personality daily. Most highly self esteem celebrities can be predicted by their fans, the only difference is they do better than their fan’s prediction.

But artist like Simi are very hard to predict positively, there is this confused personality she’s always trying to portray and as a fan I think it is not good for her personality.

4. Toyin Abraham.

Let me start with this, if you ever have to fight a friend, family or neighbour because you didn’t get enough respect you think you deserve from them, then you might be battling with very low self esteem.

So I have being following Toyin Abraham for a while, she post nice pictures but I can say ” Check through her comments on other celebrities’s comment box”
When you start talking ,referring to people, younger, older in such a way that makes then feel ridiculed, you might need to check on your self esteem.

5. Asogwa Alexandra.

How many of you guy know this lady while in the big brother house?

Well, while in the big brother’s house she was the type trying to prove being the best, most trained or most mannered.

Let cut the whole long story short.
People with self esteem issues often try to act better all the time. I’m not saying people shouldn’t improve on their personalities, I’m saying when you keep doing it and it is becoming too much of using force or making about 98% of people around you irritated, you might really need to check your self esteem up. Trust me… No body is not better, we are only working hard.

The best their fans can do is letting them know how much they value them, you can also intimate them about how important it will be when they are real with themselves.

Temi Badmus

Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus
Temi Badmus is a Food scientist and an Art enthusiast. Her desire is to give a listening ear to people and to give an opportunity for everyone to be heard. Has any one told you that you are special? Yes, you are. You were beautifully designed, you are relevant to this generation and very special to me. Connect with me on LinkedIn


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